Règlement de service




The aquatic centre AQUAMOTION is subject to rules and regulations applicable to sports establishments that receive the general public (ERP) and to all regulations applying to the activities that take place in swimming pools.

The aquatic centre AQUAMOTION was designed for the comfort and safety of users. Good behavior of users is essential to the smooth running of the establishment.

This is why, for reasons of hygiene, safety and respect for others, we ask users to respect these rules set out in these regulations, which define in a general and objective manner the rights and obligations of users regarding a public service.

These regulations apply to everyone so that everyone knows what is expected of them and will subsequently find what they expect: relaxation, leisure and sport in the best conditions.

Users are informed that the running and management of the centre has been entrusted, by the municipality of Saint Bon, to a specialist company with a contract lasting 8 years as from 2015. This contract may be consulted by users upon request to the management.

Article 1.-Opening times- Tariffs – Conditions of entry.

The periods and opening times are displayed at the entrance of the establishment. There are 3 periods of opening times:

2 regular technical closing times are organized each year. The dates are determined in advance and displayed at reception.

The opening times may eventually be changed by decision of the municipality of Saint Bon.

Entrance to the pool during opening times is subject to paying an entrance fee.

The tariffs are displayed at the cash desk of the establishment.

Employees, other than those at the cash desk, may never in any circumstances receive entrance fees.

Entry tickets paid by cash may never be issued outside the opening times of cash desks.

Season tickets are individual and personal. They are issued with the name of the purchaser and may not be cancelled, transferred, extended or reimbursed.

Entry to the pool (without activities) is free for children under 3 years of age.

Children under 10 may enter if accompanied by one of their parents or an adult in swim wear and if the person keeps a close watch on them for their safety, especially when they are in the water but at all times and during all displacements.

As soon as customers enter the centre, they must abide by these regulations. If they do not respect these regulations, they may be expelled without any reimbursement and may undergo legal proceedings.

Not allowed in the centre :

Children under 10 who are not accompanied by a parent or an adult.

People who are drunk or behaving in a manner that may disturb the enjoyment of other users.

People with wounds or infectious diseases.

Animals, even if they are on a leash, or being held etc….

Anyone being asked to leave is definite.

Article 2 -Sanitary monitoring- Qualification of surveillance staff?

Water in the pool is analyzed at least twice daily by the company Chevalier Service and/or the technical and surveillance staff.

The results of the water analysis county hygiene laboratory are displayed at the entrance, as well as the certificates and qualifications of the staff in charge of safety in the pools. The pools are under constant surveillance by qualified MNS swimming instructors, who undertake all measures necessary concerning safety.

The MNS swimming instructors are present for safety and hygiene; users must respect their recommendations and observations.

Details of the organization of safety on site are available in the POSS (Plan of organization of surveillance and rescue).

Article 3- It is necessary to use the cloakrooms for all activities.

All users must use the cloakrooms.

The changing cubicles are the only authorized place to change. Shoes are taken off in the cubicles.

 Clothes are placed in the lockers.

Cubicle doors must be closed whilst dressing and undressing.

Users must only come out of the cubicle decently dressed.

We advise you not to leave money, important documents, telephones or various valuable items in the lockers.

The management declines all responsibility concerning valuables, objects or clothing which may have been forgotten in the building.

It is imperative to empty the locker before leaving the establishment.

At closing time all lockers are opened and emptied.

 Objects found will be kept at reception for one year. Valuable objects will be deposited at the Police Station in Bozel for the legal length of time.

Article 4-Entry to installations – attire

 Entry to the pool areas:

Access to the cloakrooms must be made barefoot.

Swimming costumes, shorts, bathing trunks or one piece costumes are the only authorized attire. The surveillance staff has the right to refuse entry to pools if the regulations concerning hygiene are not respected.

Swimming caps are not compulsory. However, they are compulsory for hair long enough to be attached.

The periphery around the pools, the sauna and the steam room are forbidden to anyone who is not wearing a swimming costume and is not barefoot. There is an exception for members of staff (for professional reasons,) as long as they are wearing shoe protection covers.

Use of a towel is compulsory on the sauna benches (no perspiration on the wood).

Concerning access to the well-being area (Sauna, steam room and Spa), the minimum age is 18.

This well-being area is accessible on condition the tariffs displayed at reception have been paid.

Users are informed that the pools are treated with chlorine and high dosage may be necessary at times. Therefore it is advised not to wear fragile or expensive swim wear, as well as jewellery.

Article 5 – Showers

It is compulsory to shower and go through the foot bath.

Likewise, it is compulsory to shower when you return from the outdoor terraces and especially when sun protection products are used. To access the areas surrounding the pools, visitors must take off their shoes and go through the foot bath. (Various companies or control organizations.)

Article 6- Waterslide/Flume

You must take great care using these.

The waterslide is forbidden to children under the age of 6 and/or 1.10m.

The flume is forbidden to children under 10 and/or 1.20m.

It is imperative to respect the precautions displayed next to the structure. It is forbidden to push around the structure and on the staircase.

It is imperative to know how to swim.

Use of arm bands/belts/ floats or any accessory is strictly forbidden.

It is necessary to respect a certain fluidity when using the flume or waterslide and users must regulate their start so as to avoid accidents.

It is imperative that users clear the arrival area quickly at the end of their slide to avoid all risks of collision.

It is forbidden to swim in the reception pool of the flume and waterslide.

Article 7 - Safety, Hygiene, Politeness Conduct.

For reasons of safety, hygiene and politeness, it is forbidden for users to:

Any accident occurring within the centre must immediately be notified to a swimming instructor or the director of the establishment.

Children who cannot swim must be equipped by their parents or an adult in charge of them with rubber rings or other devices to float, (Floats, arm bands etc) to conform  with  the regulations concerning equipment to protect people.

Photos or videos are subject to authorization by the instructors and/or the management

When one or several swimming instructors or assistants are obliged to intervene and are unable to assure the safety and surveillance, the swimming area will need to be evacuated. In this case, the public present may not claim reimbursement of their entry fee.

Users must respect the indications given by the staff of the establishment or they will be expelled immediately and/or be liable to prosecution.

All the staff are under the responsibility of the establishment or its representative and may take all necessary measures for the good running order and safety.

If the maximal frequentation is reached (FMI or 1200 people) the staff may stop people entering the aquatic centre until the number of users is inferior to the FMI.

Article 8 – Groups

Supervised groups may access the pools on condition they respect these regulations and the supplementary rules that apply to them.

A group is at least 10 people entering and leaving the centre at the same time and in the case of groups of children or teenagers, (holiday centres, etc) will be supervised by instructors according to the laws of 8th December 1995 and amended 19th February 1997and 4th August 2000 that we remind you hereafter:

For children of more than 6 years of age

For children under 6 years of age:

Around the pools, supervision and safety is assured by swimming instructors of the centre, however the children are also the responsibility of these supervisors.

Groups must reserve at least the day before by telephone.

If the centre is very busy, groups that have not reserved may not be able to enter the centre.

If groups cancel (2 consecutive absences after reservation) the following reservation may be cancelled by decision of the management.

The group supervisors must assemble the group when entering and leaving.

They will make sure that no member of the group will access the cloakrooms or leave the establishment without being accompanied by a supervisor.

The group leader must inform the swimming instructor of the group’s presence notably on arrival at the pool to indicate the number of people present.

The supervisors accompanying the group are responsible for discipline and must keep a constant eye on the group. In case of incorrect behaviour or disturbance to users, the director of the establishment, after prior warning, may order the group to leave.

When leaving, the group, class or organization must leave the cloakrooms clean with no refuse or damage.

In case of an accident, the swimming instructors must be informed immediately.

Article 9- Swimming instruction.

Swimming instruction, other than for schools, must be carried out exclusively by the swimming instructors of the centre.

Instruction in the centre may only be carried out by holders of state qualifications allowing them to do this.

Article 10 – Damage and responsibility

Users are responsible for all damage they may cause to installations.

Any damage caused to installations will be billed to offenders and they may be liable to prosecution.

The responsibility of the establishment is only during opening times and only towards users who abide by the present regulations.

No appeal may be made to the town of Saint Bon or against the management of the establishment for objects that are lost or stolen in the centre.

Article 11- Closing

Admission of the public and issuing of tickets stops 45 minutes before closing time. Users must leave the centre (pools and surrounding areas) and go the cloakrooms 20 minutes before closing and this will be signaled by an announcement. The establishment may be closed exceptionally or access to certain installations prohibited in order to carry out repairs or maintenance. The centre will warn its users by a notice 48 hours in advance except in cases of emergency or force majeure. The centre may in no way be held responsible in case of closing for maintenance, repairs or force majeure.

Article 12- Sanctions

Any user of the aquatic centre AQUAMOTION commits to upholding the present regulations.

Users are also obliged to conform to the directives and orders of the maintenance staff, swimming instructors and other staff responsible for applying these regulations for safety and hygiene. The staff of the aquatic centre is responsible for applying the present regulations and a copy is displayed permanently in the building for the attention of the public.

Serious infractions of these regulations or repeated negligence may cause the director to temporarily or definitely exclude a person of the right to enter the establishment.

Before any sanctions may be pronounced, the user in question will be heard by the director concerning the facts for which he is being reproached. The user may present all observations that he judges necessary for his defense and may be assisted during this interview by the person of his choice.

Article 13- Modifications

Modifications to the present regulations may be decided by the town of Saint Bon and adopted according to the same procedure to those followed in the initial regulations. However these changes may only become valid after having been announced to the public by display on the notice boards of the establishment.

Article 14- Miscellaneous

A visitors’ book is available to users at the entrance to the centre.

Director Aquamotion